Exceptional Eyewear



We recognize that since you have sought out an eye exam with the highest standards of quality, you are likely looking for an inspiring frame to go with your exam. While our business is to provide you with a deluxe eye exam, you will notice beautiful and unique frames throughout the optical from the moment you walk inside the building. Market Optical, whose building we do business in, oversees all things eyewear related inside the optical. The frames inside are exceptionally beautiful and unique. The frames have been chosen from designers worldwide. The collection is refreshed multiple times per year so there is always something new and exciting in the store.

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At Deluxe Eye Exams (at Market Optical), we are passionate about providing high quality eye care and taking the time to meet your individual needs and eye health concerns. We serve patients throughout the Treasure Valley and are located in The Village. Give us a call at (208) 617-3085 or click the link below to schedule an appointment today.
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