Comprehensive Eye exam 

Eye Vision and Care Center in Boise, ID
Eye Vision and Care Center in Boise, ID

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At Deluxe Eye Exams (at Market Optical), each appointment is a one-on-one session with a licensed doctor of optometry designed to meet individual needs and eye health concerns. The optometrist will be with you for the entire exam which leads to more accurate testing, better communication and ultimately greater results. We recommend having an eye exam annually, although complex issues such as moderate to severe dry eye or cataracts may require more care.

Complete Eye Exam and Vision Tests

Here are a few things you can expect during your eye appointment:

Visual acuity testing: a series of tests to help your doctor understand exactly how well you see.

Cover testing: testing for ocular muscle imbalance--which is when certain eye muscles aren’t as strong as they should be--which can cause serious issues like amblyopia (Lazy Eye) or double vision.

Side vision testing: a test to determine whether your peripheral vision is up to speed. This test can reveal health issues such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes, brain tumors, glaucoma, and optic neuritis.

Auto-refractor: this is the test where you see an image of a hot air balloon. This allows your optometrist to measure the refractive state of your eye when relaxed.

Auto-Keratometry: a computerized test to determine your cornea shape. This test helps your optometrist get the right prescription for eyeglasses to correct an astigmatism; also called an eye astigmatism test.

Eye Pressure Test: this test indicates the pressure inside your eye, which is a routine screen to check for the possibility of a developing glaucoma. We have invested in equipment that accurately assesses your eye pressures without you having to go through the air puff test!

Refraction eye exam: your optometrist will go through a series of lens options, asking you for feedback to dial in your prescription to be as accurate as possible.

Eye health exam: Also called a slit lamp examination. Your optometrist will use a specialized microscope to check the health of each part of the eye. If anything is outside of normal limits, treatments and other interventions will be discussed.

Dilated retinal eye exam: With our use of high resolution retinal imaging, It’s not necessary to have your eyes dilated every year. However, our doctors may periodically decide to dilate your eyes for reasons such as unexplained blurry vision or further evaluation of the lens health checking for hard to see cataracts.

Summary: your doctor will concisely review findings at the end of your comprehensive eye exam, including any concerns you expressed. Any interventions that are necessary will be clearly explained, and you will be given a timeline on when we plan to see you again; this is typically in a year for the next annual eye care exam, but can be sooner for patients with medical eye conditions.

Invoice/Billing: we can provide detailed billing notes on request. Market Optical strives to be upfront about expected fees so you know what to plan for. 
At Deluxe Eye Exams (at Market Optical), we are passionate about providing high quality eye care and taking the time to meet your individual needs and eye health concerns. We serve patients throughout the Treasure Valley and are located in The Village. Give us a call at (208) 617-3085 or click the link below to schedule an appointment today.
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